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ITBS Testing FAQs

Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS)
APEX offers the Iowa Test Basic Skills test for APEX students who sign up to take it.  
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  1. What about classes on those days? All classes will be canceled the week of April 8-12 for testing. Only students registered to test need to attend.
  2. Who gets the test results? Once APEX receives the results parents will be contacted to pick up the test results. APEX does not keep a copy of the scores. 
  3. Can I have other siblings tested who are not enrolled? Yes, siblings not enrolled in APEX may take the test for a $25 fee. Please contact Cindy LaVanchy directly to register a sibling.
  4. Why is there a fee? The $20 fee covers the cost of test materials and scoring the test. Payment can be made through RevTrak or cash/check made payable to SVVSD. Testing fees are non-refundable.
  5. Where do I submit my scores for homeschool testing?  Send a copy to APEX or email a copy to Michelle Fuller at [email protected].
  6. Are accommodations available for the ITBS? No, APEX does not offer accommodations since the test is not required.

When will you get your results?

Test results typically take 4-6 weeks to receive and will be made available to pick up from the front desk. (or mailed to you if you are not an APEX student currently). You can then submit your scores to the district that you send your letter of intent to.

What do the results mean?

Click below for an interpretation guide