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Sports-Dance Attendance Form

Forms for Students Participating in

Please print the appropriate form for your student’s activity, have it signed by the instructor/coach, and return it to your APEX site.

Notes about Sports/Dance Attendance:

  • Student attendance in classes will represent actual attendance. That means that if a student is not in class, even though we have a sports permission form, that student will be marked absent.
  • Students will not be penalized academically for being absent for sports.
  • Sports participation forms take the place of participation at APEX in PE and count toward participation grades.
  • Students participating in sports are entirely responsible for keeping up with all classroom assignments and keeping their grades at a passing level. Failure to do so may impact academic eligibility for your sport.
  • Students in DANCE will be listed in study hall for the periods they are not at APEX. No credit will be given at APEX for dance classes. We work with the Longmont Dance Theater Academy PBIP to allow students to participate in both programs.
If you have questions, please contact Kim Lancaster at [email protected]