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APEX Block Letter Award gives High School students the opportunity to document some of the many ways they participate in extra-curricular and leadership roles both in and outside of APEX.  Earning a letter is designed to be an award a student can be proud of.  It is not an easy accomplishment.  Qualifying encompasses a variety of areas for students to earn points. Students need to earn 25 of the possible 30 points to earn the block letter.


Click on the link below for the form to record the points earned. The student should write his or her name at the top and complete the form including all signatures required. Perfect attendance will be completed by APEX Administration, and second semester grades will be determined by the student’s performance in each class as of May 1st.  AP Classes count as 2 points for an A. Students may count courses at Innovation Center, Career Development Center or Front Range as 1 point for an A.  Weighted classes at Front Range will count as 2 points for an A as well. Students may record any activities from the school year. Private music instruction may not be counted, but participation in outside music groups can be. If your student participated in an activity or achieved a goal that is not on the form, please list it on the back and describe why you think it should be worth a point toward the block letter award. 


Awards will be presented at the end of the year at our Awards Assembly.  Our hope is that this award will provide students with one source of accountability for goal setting and recognizing achievements, while giving them a sense of pride in themselves and their school.

Block Letter Award application (updated May 2019)
Note - older versions will still be accepted but reference this version for changes