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Student School Supply List

2019-20 Student Supply List

Downloadable Student Supply List
Teacher sitting with a student in class playing checkers.
Its that time of year again when school supplies go on sale and before you know it, you’re thinking about Back to School!
Here is our basic school supply list for all students K-12. Please check your child’s backpack regularly to make sure that they have an ample supply of pencils and paper. Some classes may require additional supplies so please read carefully for specific supplies needed for certain classes your child may be enrolled in. We will keep most classroom supplies at APEX instead of having students bring them back and forth. Each family has been assigned something to contribute to these community supplies.

Each family should bring a medium to large plastic bin labeled with the family’s name. This will function as your children’s “locker” and will be taken to/from APEX each week. NOTE – K/1/2 students will not need a bin.

All donated community supplies can be dropped off at the site your child attends either on Orientation Day or the first day of classes.