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Literacy Lab

APEX’s program to support your student in learning how to read!


What is “Lit Lab?”

Lit Lab is a supplemental program designed to support struggling readers in grades 2-4 by providing additional resources and support to help children develop the reading skills they need to succeed. Our program is tailored to the individual needs of each student with the use of the iReady online assessment and instructional program.   i-Ready Personalized Instruction provides students with lessons based on their individual skill level and needs, so your student can learn at a pace that is just right for them. These lessons are fun and interactive to keep your student engaged as they learn.  In addition to using the iReady program, students will meet as a class, in small groups, and individually with the teacher.  We will use a variety of research- and evidence-based teaching strategies and materials to help children improve and strengthen their reading skills, including decoding, comprehension, vocabulary, and fluency.

Who is Lit Lab for?

Students in grades 2-4 who are having difficulty reaching the level of independent reading

When does Lit Lab meet?

Students will come to APEX once per week (days TBD) from 9am-11am, outside of their regular APEX day. Your student won’t need to give up any of their favorite APEX classes in order to attend Lit Lab!

Where is Lit Lab held?

Right here in the APEX building!  We’ll have our own classroom dedicated to Literacy skills!

What happens in a 2-hour lab session?

  • We’ll start each session with a group lesson on literacy topics, such as phonemic awareness, letter-sound relationships, syllable types, syllabication rules, spelling tips & tricks, and sight word recognition.  Many of these lessons come from the Fundations program, which is a research-based multisensory, structured literacy program by Wilson Language Training.
  • Students will then spend time alternating between small group work with the teacher (playing games or making projects to reinforce the skills taught at the beginning of our session) and independent work with the iReady online literacy program which creates a personalized path of engaging online lessons specific to your student’s needs. 
  • We’ll end each session with story time and word games.
  • Students are encouraged to participate in at-home literacy activity challenges which help them further develop their literacy skills AND earn prizes in class!

I’m interested! How do I sign up?!

When you register your student for their regular classes, you’ll be able to select this class and indicate which day you’d like for your student to attend. If you are seeing this information after spring class registration, please contact Angela Carter at [email protected]