How to Place a Curriculum Order

APEX Curriculum Library

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Helpful Information:

How to Prepare a Curriculum Order:

You are welcome to bring an order form with you to the Curriculum Library or you can fill one out while you are there. To prepare your order, please follow these instructions:

Step 1: Download an APEX curriculum order form

You will need one order form per child

Step 2: Fill out top part of order form completely.

All student and parent information is needed to ensure curriculum orders are filled correctly.

Step 3: Download a copy of APEX Curriculum Catalog

The Curriculum Descriptions includes information about each curriculum, what grade levels it is appropriate for and links to curriculum websites to give you more information as you make your choices. Please use this document as a reference as you choose your materials. You may wish to print it off so you can make notes as you select your curriculum.

Step 4: Fill out your book selections based on information on the curriculum list.

Be sure you enter the grade or level for the curriculum you’re requesting. If you want to receive any consumable workbooks, make sure you fill in the price of the workbook in the Consumable column.

Step 5: Bring your order to the Curriculum Library!

Before signing up to use Discovery Education Online, please check your system compatibility to determine if you have the necessary hardware and system capacity.