How to Place a Curriculum Order

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How to Place a Curriculum Order:

STEP 1Download an APEX Curriculum Order Form. 
You'll need a different order form for each student.   Fill out the blue sections at the top of the page.
STEP 2Use the APEX Curriculum catalog to view all the curricula we have available.  
The curriculum descriptions include information about each curriculum, what grade levels it is appropriate for, and links to curriculum websites to give you more information as you make your choices. Please use this document as a reference as you choose your materials. You may wish to print the catalog so you can make notes as you select your curriculum.
STEP 3Fill out your book selections based on information on the curriculum list.  
Be sure you enter the grade or level for the curriculum you’re requesting. If you want to receive any consumable workbooks, make sure you fill in the price of the workbook in the consumable column.  DO NOT SIGN the bottom of the form -- you will do this when you pick up your books.
Step 4:  Scan your completed order form(s) and email them to 
Please do not send photographs of your order forms as they can be hard to read and do not print well.
Next:  You will receive a reply email confirming that we have received your order form along with information about when your order will be ready for you to pick up.  
You will need to return and/or renew all items from 2019-2020 AND pay for all new consumables and/or Discovery Education subscriptions at the time of pick up.