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Student Health

Hello and Welcome to our 2023/2024 APEX school year.


My name is Chara DeWolf and I am the school health clerk/school secretary. 

We are taking all of the necessary precautions and district guidelines to make sure all our students and staff stay safe and healthy. The following are things we would like you to have ready to start the school year.

  • Please email a current immunization record of your student or students to [email protected] (Please disregard if you have already submitted immunizations with your registration for this year.)
  • 6th graders must have an updated immunization record. 
  • For medical and non-medical immunization exemptions, please read this letter. If you choose to exempt your student, please note that you have to submit a new non-medical exemption form every school year. 
  • If your student has a health condition, please let me know by completing this FORM.
  • If your student needs medication at school (Inhaler, EpiPen, diabetic plan, ADHD medication, or any other medication), your student will need an IHP- Individual Health Plan. This is where their primary care doctor will detail your student's needs, symptoms, medication, and dose your student will need. Our district nurse and I will make sure we have all we need to keep your students safe and healthy.

Please note: Homeopathic/organic medication, lip balms, essential oils, vitamins or cough drops, etc, are asked to be documented as well for the safety of our students and others.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Wolf Pack Strong!