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Our Elementary program offers classes in Language Arts, Math, History, Science, Social Studies, Drama, Music, PE, Art, and Computer Technology. We plan classes that enhance what you are doing at home academically as well as offer enrichment classes in those areas that might be hard to do at home. Parents and students select their classes based on each child’s interests and abilities. Classes are offered in grade ranges according to the type of class offered.  Grade ranges for classes are 3rd/4th, 5th/6th while other classes such as P.E., Art, Music, and Drama have a wider grade range. 

Each class is given a rating. The course rating tells you how much homework you can expect from that class. For example, a class with a 1 rating will meet for one hour at APEX and have no additional regular homework. A class with a 5 rating will meet for one (sometimes two) hours APEX and have three to four hours of homework regularly.