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Kindergarten and First Grade

Our Kindergarten and First Grade students spend the majority of their day with their primary teachers and have a different schedule than the rest of our students. Rather than changing classes each hour, their class subjects are integrated into units that incorporate several subjects and projects across the curriculum. In addition, students spend 30 minutes with our music teacher and 30 minutes with our PE teacher each day we meet.
See file below for information about our Kindergarten and First GradeProgram.

2nd Grade

Currently, all APEX students in grades 2-12 select a class schedule and change classes every hour. While this allows for maximum flexibility in designing your child’s day at APEX, we know that sometimes that is a lot to ask of a 2nd grader! Our 2nd grade program mirrors both our K/1 program structure and our class rotation structure for older grades. 2nd graders will spend the first three hours of their day with their 2nd grade teacher exploring units in language arts, math, science, and social studies and will have lunch and recess time with their 3rd and 4th grade peers in our APEX lunch room. Students then rotate together to art, PE, and music which are taught by our other APEX instructors. A great way to spend a great day!
See file below for information about our 2nd GradeProgram