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April 19 - MAY 28
Spring book fair is the time when families return curriculum, books, and other library items that they are no longer using, renew items for use over the summer, and place orders to pick up in May.  All library information will be posted to the APEX  website by April 19.  
This includes:
  • Our new curriculum catalog, complete with prices, hyperlinks, and more detail about available curricula than ever before
  • Updated curriculum price list
  • Curriculum Library Policies & Procedures
  • Curriculum Library FAQs
  •  Curriculum-Consult only Program information
  • Alternative  evaluation information
Things are running a little differently this year.  You will not be placing orders for August pick up until June and July.  PLEASE NOTE THE DATES BELOW:
April 19 - May 14:  Returning families may place orders (online, please)  for curriculum they will use over the summer.  These items may be picked up as soon as they are ready. (All items subject to availability)  While we still cannot allow parents into the building, Angela is available for consultation via phone, email, or WebEx online meetings!  Please  contact her directly with any questions!
April 19 - May 28:   
RENEW any library items you need over the summer or for 2021-2022 school year.  RETURN any items you are finished with.  
Any items not returned or renewed by May 28 will be subject to $5.00 / item late fee.
 April  19 - May 14 Order curriculum for use over the summer.  These items must be picked  up no later than May 21.
May 14:  Final day to order curriculum for use over the summer (order form will be turned off until June 1) These must be picked up no later than May 21.
May 21:   Final day to pick up curriculum for use over the summer.  Any items not picked up will be reshelved and you'll need to place a new order to pick up these items in the fall.
May 25-27:   CURRICULUM RETURN WEEK (appointments: 10 slots every 20 minutes, link to a Sign-Up genius will be posted later in May)
May 28:  Final day to renew items for use over the summer or next year -- anything not returned or renewed by this day will be subject to $5/item non-refundable late fee
June 1 -10  Curriculum order form is open for you to place orders for pick up in early August.  (Order early  if you need your curriculum early in August -- we will fill orders in the order they are received.)
July 26 - September 3
Fall Book Fair is when families return items they are no longer using and pick up orders for use during the 2021-2022 school year.  You'll receive more information about specifics for Fall Book Fair in mid July.  Here is the basic outline calendar:
July 26:  Curriculum Order Form re-opens to place new orders for the 2021-2022 school year.  Orders will be filled in the order they are received.
July 26 - 30: Curriculum Return, please return any items you are finished with so they can be available for families who need them during the 2021-2022 school year!  Times and details will follow in July.
Curriculum pick-up in August will be by appointment only; more details will follow in July.
For more information please email Angela Carter at