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About Me...

Name: Angela Carter

Curriculum Library Coordinator


Way back in the last century I earned a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education with a minor in Learning Disabilities from Indiana University, Bloomington.   Before starting my family, I taught full time in traditional 2nd and 4th grade classrooms in Indianapolis and later in Aurora, CO. I homeschooled my own children from grades from K-8. I have also taught Homeschool Enrichment classes for elementary math and computer skills here at APEX and  writing classes (with the IEW curriculum) at the Master's Hand homeschool program here in Longmont. 


When I was a child, my friends and I loved to play "jobs."  My favorite job-games were always house, teacher, librarian, and author.  I find it ironically wonderful to find that those 4 jobs today fill my life.  I am blessed with an almost-large, happy, and healthy family; I've had the pleasure to teach children in a variety of settings and continue to privately tutor, conduct homeschool student evaluations, and consult families on their homeschooling decisions.    I run the APEX curriculum library; and I have written 3 published workbooks on sentence diagramming and continue to pursue teacher-authorship in other areas.  


I have recently obtained my Dyslexia Specialist Certification from the Dyslexia Training Institute, and continue to pursue further education and credentials towards certification as a Dyslexia Therapist.    I'm so excited to have this certification so I can help all of our homeschooled children who struggle with Dyslexia!  


I am passionate about families' rights to homeschool, and am proud to be in a profession in which I can help families to be successful and happy with their homeschooling!