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PE Welcome Letter

Physical Education

Class Description:

This class provides each student with the opportunity to participate in skill development, lead up games, team sports, individual sports, group games and physical fitness activities. The students receive basic instruction in rules, skills, and strategies associated with a wide variety of sports, as well as fun all class games. The class promotes the spirit of fair play, friendly competition, collaboration and leadership.

We will follow the PBS guidelines: be respectful, be responsible, be safe.


  1. Must wear athletic shoes in order to participate!
  2. Bring a water bottle.
  3. Positive attitude!
  4. Play fair and respect your classmates.
  5. A note/email from a parent/guardian is required if you can’t participate in PE class.
  6. Inform me immediately if you are feeling ill, or are hurt.
  7. Wear appropriate clothing for having class outside.

Grading Policy:  

Students may earn 3 points during a class period. One point for being on-time and prepared, one point for cooperation/behavior, one point for participation.

Looking forward to a fantastic year,

Mrs. Campie

[email protected]