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Welcome to Mrs. Austin's Classes


To the families of the 2021-2022 School Year,

After so much turmoil in the last eighteen months I know that all we really want is for things to return to normal and yet we all wonder what normal will be.  As a teacher as well as a homeschool parent I can tell you that I have just as many questions as everyone else.  I have spent time thinking about what I know to be true and separating that from the unknown.  So let me share a little bit about what will always remain “normal” in my classroom.  This year I teach 2 Choirs, 2 Strings groups as well as High School Musical Theatre.  Normal in my classroom means beautiful sounds, listening to and creating wonderful music, and learning about music so that we can lean on it when the world surrounds us with chaos.  We will work together as an ensemble to make music to fill us up when we are down.  We will develop our ears to hear sounds that we previously may have ignored, enhancing our abilities as individuals as well as ensemble musicians.  My classroom has clear parameters and is also full of laughter.  We encourage each other, celebrate with each other, and work hard to create something amazing together.  You can always expect that my classroom will be supportive and uplifting as well as challenging and hopefully inspiring.  You can always contact me by email with any individual concerns you have along the way.  And most of all, you can always know that I am cheering for the students in my classroom just as loudly as you are.  I look forward to another year of building our community together.  

About Me...
Name: Diana Austin
Sites:  Friday
Subject/Grade Level:  K-12 Music

Diana Austin earned her Bachelors in Music Education from Colorado Christian University and her Masters in Linguistically Diverse Education from the University of Colorado at Denver.  She has taught in private school in Yakima, WA, Jefferson County Public Schools as well as with Montessori and Migrant Head Start programs.  She started teaching with Apex in 2010 teaching music for kindergarteners through high schoolers.  She has also sung professionally with various jazz bands and combos.  Diana loves teaching and is passionate about making her classroom an enthusiastic place where students can succeed in music and public performance.  She enjoys hiking, skiing, scrapbooking, and especially spending time with her husband and three sons.  Diana is excited about continuing to teach and work with the students in the Apex program.