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I was homeschooled through high school, so I was blessed with the ability to use my dyslexic strengths to follow my passions in designing and creating, which you can read more about on the other pages of this website. When I was little, I struggled to read Dr. Seuss and mostly just memorized the pages. When I was 11, my dad noticed I made the same mistakes in spelling that he made, so he researched how to teach kids to spell. In that process, he realized I was dyslexic as was he and my sister. Later that year, I got tested for dyslexia and after a 4-hour test in which I scored in the top 2% for ‘fluid intelligence’ and the bottom 2% in ‘sounds of spelling’, it was concluded that I was definitely dyslexic. My mom tutored me with the Barton Reading and Spelling curriculum for 4 years and I enjoy reading! But the best part is I never lost the gifts that come from having a dyslexic brain. My hope with this website is to spread the word that dyslexia can be a gift, you just need to learn how to read and spell differently and no dyslexic should feel they're broken. 

Bookshare makes reading easier. People with dyslexia, blindness, cerebral palsy, and other reading barriers can customize their experience to suit their learning style and find virtually any book they need for school, work, or the joy of reading.

Today, more than 30 million students struggle to read. By fourth grade, 65% of them are reading below proficiency. With early detection and proven accommodations, we can make strides in alleviating these detrimental consequences. Learning Ally is a leading nonprofit education solutions organization that transforms the lives of early and struggling learners through proven solutions from Pre-K through high school, to help students reach their potential.

Connecting the research of reading to educational practices

Do you have questions about dyslexia? You are in the right place! Whether you are a teacher or a parent wondering how to help a child with dyslexia, The Dyslexia Classroom is here to help. Sharing our knowledge and guiding educators and parents is our passion, 


A great tutoring system for children, teenagers, or adults who struggle with spelling, reading, and writing due to dyslexia or a learning disability.

In this groundbreaking book, Brock and Fernette Eide explain how 20% of people — individuals with dyslexia — share a unique learning difference that can create advantages in the classroom, on the job, or at home.

Cutting-edge research shows have dyslexic people perceive the written word differently, but also may excel at spatial reasoning, interconnected thinking, and display amazing creativity.

Free educational resources

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We are the lifelong guide for those who learn and think differently. In the past year, we have helped 20 million people help discover their potentials, take control of their lives and stay on positive paths. 

Are you Dyslexic? Why wait and wonder? 

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Let the dyslexic screening app from Neurolearning show you how you think and learn, and get you started on the road to a successful future.