2023-2024 High School Course Offerings

Flexibility and community! High school students may choose classes from any day of the week! A student may choose to come to APEX every day for a 1-2 periods, or come for a couple mornings or afternoons a week, or choose classes all on just one day. Our class offerings are designed for students to come more than one day, and students may find their options more limited if they choose to stay on only one day. 

How to Create Your High School Student’s Schedule

  • Look at the class offerings grid to see the options available.
  • You will be selecting a specific number of class units, not necessarily classes (see below for details).
  • It is possible for your student to still come all on one day, but your class choices will be more limited. Our high school class offerings are maximized for students to come 2+ partial days per week.
  • If your student will be participating in IC, CETC or CE classes, see the information below for minimum course units your student needs at APEX and reference the outside schedules to see which periods you will have open. NOTE – if you have conflicts with your outside scheduled classes and classes you will need at APEX, before you choose to drop one, contact Michelle Fuller at [email protected] for assistance adjusting your schedule to see if both can work.
  • Please READ the course description for EACH class.
  • Carefully consider the class RATING.

High School:  Multiple APEX Days

High School students are not limited to one day at APEX and may select courses from all five APEX days. Many of our students participate in other St. Vrain programs such as the Career Elevation Technology Center (CETC), Concurrent Enrollment (CE) and the Innovation Center (IC).  Therefore, high school students minimum course requirements are as follows: each unit is one hour of in-class time at APEX; classes which meet 2x a week or two hours are considered 2 units. High school students are permitted to remain on campus for open periods/study halls between their APEX classes. (NOTE: students with more than 2 open periods between classes need permission from the principal or site assistant to remain on campus)

Minimum Units Required - students are welcome to take up to 10 units if they choose. High school students may take more than 10 units with prior permission from the APEX Principal Kim Lancaster:

  • 6 units - High school students participating in APEX only
  • 3 units - High school students participating in APEX plus ONE other outside program, either CETC, CE or IC
  • 1 unit  -  High school students in 10th-12th grade taking 10-12 credits in CE per semester or participating in APEX + 2 outside programs, CETC, CE or IC. 9th graders do not have this option.

Helpful Scheduling Information:

** Note - if you find that your scheduled class with IC or CETC conflicts with classes you need at APEX, contact Michelle Fuller at [email protected]. We may be able to move you to another section at IC or CETC. We'll help you navigate putting together a schedule that works as best as possible.**
APEX Class Schedule:
Period 1:  8:30 am to 9:30 am
Period 2:  9:35 am to 10:30 am
Period 3:  10:35 am to 11:30 am
Period 4:  11:35 am to 12:30 pm
LUNCH:   12:30 pm to 1:15 pm
Period 6:  1:20 pm to 2:15 pm
Period 7:  2:15 pm to 3:15 pm
Innovation Center Schedule (IC): 
Alternating Block Schedule - Classes meet every other day
**Note - times are tentative and subject to change due to district schedule changes**

A1/B5  8:00 am - 9:15 am - conflicts with APEX period 1

A2/B6 9:40 am - 11:00 am - conflicts with APEX period 2 & 3

A3/B7  11:40 am - 1:00 pm -conflicts with APEX period 4 & 5

A4/B8 1:05 pm - 2:25 pm - conflicts with APEX period 5 & 6 & 7

Alternating Double Block Schedule - Classes meet every other day
**Note - times are tentative and subject to change due to district schedule changes**
A1/2 and B5/6:  8:10 am to 10:58 am - conflicts with APEX periods 1,  2 and 3
A3/4 and B7/8:  11:32 am to 2:20 pm - conflicts with APEX periods 5 and 6 
Front Range Schedule (CE): 
Variable schedule with most classes meeting on either M/W or T/Th
  • Classes start at 8:30
  • Most are 2 days, 1.5 or 2 hours each session
  • Some are all one one day for 3 hours
  • Labs add an extra hour

Class Ratings Explained

The class rating determines how much homework and outside time each class will require. Please consider these ratings carefully as you select your student’s schedule. Ratings will be followed closely throughout the year.


The ratings are as follows:

1 - No outside homework

2 - Some outside homework, not to exceed 1 hour per week

3 - Approximately 2 hours of homework

4 - Approximately 3 hours of homework and parent involvement (1-2 hours teacher instruction, 3 hours parent-supervised work).

5 - Approximately 4 hours of homework and parent involvement (1-2 hours teacher instruction, 4-5 hours parent-supervised work).

APEX Recommended Course Pathways

Classes shown on the grids include multiple grades. In order to help parents plan a pathway through the APEX course offerings, our teachers have created this recommended course scope and sequence. On this spreadsheet, you can see all the courses offered in the APEX catalog in the order our teachers recommend students take them. None of our classes are required, and parents are free to make other choices that best suit their student’s needs and interests. Pathway courses are those our teachers would recommend your student take in each subject. Additional courses are those your student may wish to take if she/he is interested in exploring further in a subject area or if you wish to keep the sequential courses in that subject area within your homeschool program and not take them at APEX. NOTE: Not all of our classes are offered every year.