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Welcome to Mrs. Marx-Swatfigure's Classes

About Me...

Name: Elizabeth Marx-Swatfigure

Sites: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Subject/Grade Level: Elementary Social Studies


Elizabeth Marx Swatfigure received her BA in Theater Arts from Mount Holyoke College, MA and an MA in Art History from George Washington University, D.C. After spending several years working in museums as a curator in the education department, she decided to go back to school to receive a teacher’s license in Elementary Education (K-6). Elizabeth has been with Apex since 2014.  She has taught a variety of age groups and enjoys sharing her love of history with her students. She is also thrilled to help instill a life-long love of learning in her students and to make everyone’s experience with APEX a better one.  In addition to teaching, Elizabeth enjoys raising her two busy children, hiking with her husband, practicing yoga, and visiting museums.