A Home for APEX!

We are thrilled and excited to tell you that tonight the St. Vrain Board of Education unanimously voted to approve a lease on a permanent home for the APEX Program! Beginning fall of 2019, we will reside permanently at 1351 South Sunset Street, Suites A/B. 
We are so thrilled that our program will have a space all of our own where our wonderful staff can create an environment of learning and community for our families and students. We are also thrilled that we'll be located in the south central part of Longmont, a convenient distance from the three previous locations where we rented. And we are thrilled yet again that our new building is walking distance to Front Range Community College and the Career Development Center, making dual enrollment and Concurrent Enrollment easier than ever for our families.
We are so grateful for the ongoing support of our school district, board of education, district leaders and superintendent who have continually affirmed their support for this program and the great partnership we've created together. But most of all, we are SO grateful for all of YOU who have stuck with us through these last few years of change. We know how much APEX means to all of you and we hope you always know how much all of you mean to us!