Congratulations to the Odyssey of the Mind Team, K'nected.

Team K’nected, an Odyssey of the Mind team made up of middle and high school students, have competed at both Regional and State tournaments with a 1st place win at both! They are headed to the World competition in Michigan at the end of May.  APEX wishes you the best of luck at the World Competition.

APEX Students on the team - Kyler Stone, Caleb Stone, Evan Sarris (past Apex), Ben Worrell (past Apex).
What is Odyssey of the Mind?  OM is an extra-curricular program where team members apply their ingenuity, problem-solving skills, team collaboration, and critical thinking to solve a scenario they have worked on all year. Our team’s solution involved structural engineering and a creative presentation through an 8-minute drama performance. During the performance, we were required to launch our uniquely designed structure, as well as placing weights on it to show how much weight it could support.  At the State tournament, our balsa wood structure that weighs the same as just 3 nickels held an amazing 710 pounds!  That's almost 21,500 times its weight!  Teams are rewarded not just for solving their problem, but also for enhancing their solution with style. They are also scored on solving an on-the-spot spontaneous problem as part of the competition.
Odyssey of the mind team   Odyssey of the mind team posting with their structure.