SORA Library App


What is Sora?

Sora is a FREE library app available to all students in the St.Vrain Valley School District from which you can borrow digital versions of hundreds of books for your student (or you!) to read from a laptop, phone, tablet, or iPad!


How do I access this library?

1. Download the Classlink app. and log in using your district username and password.
2. Add SORA to your dashboard in Classlink. Click on SORA and choose your school:  St.Vrain Valley School District
3. Username: Enter your student's St.Vrain username (the first part of their district email address, leave off the ""
4. Password:  If your student is in grade 5 or lower, this is the letters "sv" and the 6-digit student number issued by SVVSD.  If your student is in grade 6 or higher and they have changed their password, it is whatever they have changed their district password to.
NOTE - Like all libraries, not all materials found in SORA are suitable for all age students; parental supervision is recommended. 
If you have trouble finding your child's username or password, please ask your friendly APEX site assistant for help.!

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