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Curriculum Consultation Option 2021-2022

Welcome to APEX Homeschool Program's Curriculum-Consultation option! 
We are so excited about having this option as a way to continue supporting homeschool families!   We value all of our  APEX families -- and understand that some families still need the option to keep their homeschooling 100% at home.  We greatly value all of our families and are happy to be able to offer this unique option once again! 
As part of our curriculum-consultation option, you will continue to get emails with APEX info., can participate in any online video/photo sharing, etc.,  complete ITBS or College Board testing in the spring, AND you get to continue using high-quality, popular, educationally sound curriculum from our library -- with FREE consumables no matter what grade your student is in.    It really is SUCH a great option for families who want/need to stay at home for schooling right now, but want to maintain a connection with the APEX community!   
The only requirement is that you borrow enough curriculum from us to fill 2 subject areas with 6 hours worth of instruction each.  Just TWO subjects from APEX.  We can guide you through that decision-making process, if needed!  A licensed teacher from APEX will connect with you once a week via phone or email, which will count as your child's attendance.  We won't ask for work samples, test scores, assigned grades, or anything like that -- just a check-in to see how you're doing and if APEX can help support your homeschool in any way.
Click below to see a list of curricula that you can use to fulfill the curriculum requirement for this option.  In addition to the two subjects you borrow from us, you can also use any other curriculum, whether purchased on your own or borrowed through the APEX library!
New this year: each student will receive one free consumable per subject per year!  That means 1 math workbook, 1 phonics workbook, 1 science lab book, 1 set of history activity sheets (you get the idea)  ALL FREE!  Orders must be placed and picked up before October 1, 2021 to qualify for this offer.  This offer is ONLY available for students in the Curriculum Consult Program.
Please feel free to email our Curriculum Consult Coordinator, Angela Carter, with any questions.