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Fall 2020 - COVID 19



APEX will offer one-day per week in-person classes (multi-day for some high school classes) with class sizes to allow for social distancing and will offer families the option of attending classes via live stream or virtual online learning for those who choose not to attend in person. Additionally, families will have the option of participating with APEX by utilizing our curriculum library under the guidance and support of one of our licensed instructors.




Because of our smaller daily school size and lower teacher-student ratios, we anticipate being able to bring back our students in all grades in person this fall. Students will attend on their currently enrolled APEX day, one day per week and follow the class schedule they selected this spring. Classrooms will operate following all currently recommended health and safety measures, including social distancing, frequent hand-washing, and a minimal number of  mask required areas/rooms. For information about Innovation Center (IC) and Career Development Center (CDC) classes, please click here. All students will be assumed to be attending in-person classes unless they select one of the listed alternate options below.


Parent and Community Volunteer Policies

While we are so appreciative and grateful to our volunteers, at this time, in accordance with health official recommendations, we will not have special guests, assemblies, field trips, or parent volunteers in our schools until restrictions are lifted. We look forward to welcoming our families and volunteers back into our schools in the future.


For complete information about the St. Vrain Valley Schools 2020-2021 Reopening Plan, please visit our district website.





For our students and families who choose not to attend in person, we have three alternative options to offer you. The choice of one of these options will remain in effect throughout the first semester. A student may choose to utilize this option for the whole school year or return to in-person classes at the start of the second semester. Some options may be discontinued at whatever point restrictions on in-person learning are lifted. 




Students who are unable to attend classes in person have the option of still attending their APEX classes virtually. Classes will be live streamed, meaning the student will attend the class via Webex at the day/time that class is meeting in person. Some content areas will provide virtual instruction, similar to this past spring,  instead of live streaming (K2, art, music, theater, cooking, PE), meaning the student will have video instruction or materials from the teacher and, depending on the class, some assignments or learning tasks to complete on their own time and submit to the teacher to be graded. Students choosing this option need to have appropriate technology available to them including reliable wifi, a printer, and a device for learning (desktop computer, laptop, tablet/iPad, or chromebook. A smartphone can be used but is not recommended). APEX will have a limited number of devices available to check out for those in need of one. If you wish to select this option, please complete this form by August 1st.


This fully at-home option allows families of students in grades K-8 to utilize the APEX curriculum library with the support and guidance of an APEX instructor without being attached to or attending APEX classes. Families will select a minimum of two subject areas from our curriculum library in either Language Arts, Math, Science, or Social Studies and receive consumables at no cost. An APEX instructor will be paired with each family to check in weekly to provide support and guidance for learning. To learn more about our curriculum library, visit our website under the Curriculum Library menu. If you wish to select this option, please complete this form by August 1st.
High school students may choose to attend some of their APEX classes in person and some via live stream. Attendance in live stream classes will be taken exactly as if the student were in person. All assignments, tests, and quizzes will be required for live stream classes and additional protocols to insure academic honesty will be in place. This option is only available for students in grade 9-12 and must be selected by day, not by class. For example, a student could not attend period 1 live stream and period 2 in person on the same day, but a student could attend M/W classes in person and T/Th classes live stream. If you wish to select this option, please complete this form by August 1st.