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APEX Art Gallery

Advanced Drawing and Painting Class

Ms. Steven

"5 Different Views"
canvas painting landscape                rubix cube drawing                canvas landscape painting                playing cards pencil drawing          
Bailey Rogers - 11th                                     Jackson Sievers - 12th             Zoe Weiss-Jones - 12th          Savannah Sievers - 10th        
painting of a tree                 doors                colorful doors.               doors
Abigail Goodhew - 9th           Mica Kimmett - 12th                      Aubrey Gresham - 12th             Shylee Monahan- Mitchell - 10th

Middle School Art - Grades 7-8

Ms. Steven

drawing                colorful design                black and white hand painting                colorful skull       
Sofia Lance - 8th                         Caylee Monahan-Mitchell - 8th                        Josh Prucha - 8th                      James Rakowski -7th

Elementary Art - Grades 3-6

Ms. Steven

painting                painting                silly painting                silly painting
Sailor Renaud - 5th                              Reece Criger  - 5th                             Kaylee Klemm - 6th                            Tucker Austin - 4th